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Getting Started

Most of the files at Schematic Hell! are in Adobe Acrobat format.
Modern web browsers are capable of displaying PDF files on their own
without having to rely on any other external software. However, if you want
greater control over the PDF viewing experience you can download
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Adobe Acrobat

Most Wanted Schematics

This list could very well be out of date.

Most Wanted Schematics
See List Here



Ampeg Amps - Updated 07-22-19

Dumble Amps - Updated 01-01-00

Fender Amps - Updated 05-25-19

Gibson Amps - Updated 03-03-06

Heathkit Amps - *new* Updated 09-24-20

Mesa Boogie Amps - Updated 05-07-19

Marshall Amps - Updated 03-04-06

Selmer Amps - Updated 05-05-19

Files from Music Electronics µArchive - *new*

Solid State Amps - *new* Updated 05-31-19

Hybrid Amps - *new* Not Updated

SUNN Amps - Updated 05-22-19

Supro Amps - Updated 05-05-19

Vox Amps - Updated 03-01-06

Bargain Bin Amps - Updated 09-24-20

Post '70s Amps - Updated 05-30-19

High Fidelity and Phonograph Equipment
- Updated 05-21-19

Public Address Equipment - Updated 05-21-19

Conversion Projects - Updated 05-11-19


Effects - Updated 05-16-19

Manuals - Updated 05-05-19

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Schematic Software



Resistor Color Code Calculator


Capacitor Color Code Calculator

This is broken and needs to be fixed or replaced.


Tone Stack Calculator
Download from Duncan's Amp Pages

Javascript version runs in web browser!
TSC In The Web
This project is a result of co-operation by users jatalahd and ~arph from forum.


Schematic Donations
Vector graphic formats are preferred, but if you only have access
to bitmap formats they should be of the highest resolution possible.
Paper copies are accepted as well, just ask for a mailing address.

Please upload your contributions
at the technical forum listed above,
or use the new Schematic Hell! Support Forum.

Please do NOT email me asking for schematics that aren't listed.
If they're not on the website then I DON'T HAVE THEM.


Monetary Donations

If anyone out of the kindness of their heart would like to offer a monetary donation
to help offset the cost of keeping Schematic Hell! online, you can send them here:

Please use the green "donate button"
at the technical forum listed above.

By the way, I'm not Larry. :-)

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