Schematic Hell!

PA & Hi-Fi Amp Conversion Hell!

Apparently there's quite a large contingent of DIY'ers out there that are converting
relatively low cost PA & Hi-Fidelity amps into guitar and bass amps. So it seemed
appropriate to add a separate section for PA and Hi-Fi amps that can be easily converted.

(C)= Converted Schematic


CHA-20 Carolina Blues Special(C)
CHA-20 Blues Special (C)
DB-110 Texas Blues Special (C)


1U460A to Bassman 5F6-A (C)


Stromberg Carlson
APH-1050 to 50w Guitar Amp (C)


MI-12188A to 45w Guitar Amp (C)


Reel-to-Reel to Princeton 5E2 (C)