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The Vibro-Clone Workshopt provides a discussion group called The Crossroads where Vibro-Clone builders and troubleshooters can post articles about problems they encounter, or tips and tricks that other users might want to know about.

The Crossroads supports threads, so you will be able to post a reply to another user's question. Feel free to ask questions, answer questions, or you can even just make a comment or observation.

I'll be periodically tuned in to the discussions as well, and will reply to questions posted there. If you're REAAAAAAALLY stuck and you haven't had any luck in getting answers to your questions on the messaging forum, then you can e-mail me directly at  larry@deltabluesman.com for a personal reply. But "PLEASE" use this option as a last resort after you do a little homework on your own.


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Amplifiers contain voltages high enough to KILL you even after the amp has been powered Off !!! If you don't have enough electronic experience to identify and discharge the Filter Capacitors which contain these Deadly voltages, take your amp to a Qualified tech. Ifyou still want to proceed with learning how to work on amps, I along with many others will give you advice. But any I accept no responsibility or liability for the outcome of using any of the information listed in this website. The information contained within is provided for informational purposes only and is to be used
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